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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tell the USDA: Create a clear and consumer-friendly GMO disclosure standard

Tell the USDA: Create a clear and consumer-friendly GMO disclosure standard

Dear Friend:

Now's our chance! The U.S. Department of Agriculture is working on creating its new GMO disclosure standard. Remember, the GMO compromise last summer left a lot of important decisions up to the USDA, and some Big Food and Big Ag companies have been working hard to push the USDA to support their agenda. We need consumers to make their voices heard!
Here are some of the key issues on which the USDA needs to hear from you:
  • Definition of a GMO: This seems obvious, but Big Food thinks it can pressure the USDA into excluding certain ingredients derived from GMO crops from the department's definition of GMOs. Tell the USDA not to fall for Big Food's tricks – consumers want to see ALL GMOs labeled.
  • Ingredient-by-Ingredient Disclosure: Consumers have a right to know exactly what they're eating, which means they need to know which ingredients are derived from GMOs.
  • QR Codes: Tell the USDA that consumers deserve clear GMO labels, not misleading high-tech gimmicks. Since the legislation allows QR codes, the USDA must ensure consumers without smartphones or cell service have access to the same information by placing scanners in every grocery store aisle.
  • Deadline: Consumers have waited long enough for a GMO labeling standard – we must make sure the USDA sticks to its July 2018 deadline.
There's a lot at stake, but if we all take action right now we can ensure that we will have a clear, consumer-friendly GMO disclosure standard for generations to come. Don't wait until it's too late – Big Food and Big Ag are working hard to influence the USDA as we speak. We need to work twice as hard to overcome their deep pockets.
Thanks so much for standing with us again, Friend.
Katrina Staves
Campaign Manager, Just Label It

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