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Monday, February 22, 2016

Moms Across America - Stop the Dark Act

Moms Across America

Moms Across America

Moms Across America

Cathy --

The quest for Mandatory GMO Labeling Continues!
We have the right to know what is in our food! Please take action with us! Your voice makes a difference.
Senator Roberts has just brought back a bill to stop GMO labeling before the Vermont bill goes into affect in July.
Food manufacturers must begin printing labels soon to comply and they are fighting hard to stop you from knowing what is in your food!
Contact them now and urge them to vote NO for the DARK Act - Denying American's their Right to Know
and require Mandatory GMO Labeling on the package in writing! NO elitist QR codes!

Call your Senators today (you do not have to know their names) at 201-224-3121.
You will only need to say your state and zip code to be connected to your Senator's staff who will take your message.
Please let them know why you want GMO labeling and how important states rights are to the United States of America!
Thank you!

The following note is from Carol Nagle who wrapped up the latest news very well:

Great news!!!!  The FDA, bowing to pressure, has finally decided to start testing our foods for the presence of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup and the most widely used herbicide in the world! 
Glyphosate is the herbicide that most GMO foods are engineered to be able to tolerate without being killed themselves. That means the crops are repeatedly drenched in this toxic substance (which the WHO has recently determined to be a probable human carcinogen and the California EPA is now about to label as a carcinogen). As weeds have also naturally developed a tolerance to glyphosate, "superweeds" have emerged in GMO fields and farmers have needed to increase their use of glyphosate to kill them. As a result, Monsanto pressured the EPA to increase the allowable amounts ("tolerances") on our food. In 2013, the EPA increased the tolerances on many foods by double or more! The amount allowed on animal feed is astronomical!!!

The use of glyphosate has increased 20-fold since GE crops went on the market in 1996. Glyphosate (Roundup) is also sprayed directly on many non-GMO crops just 5-7 days before harvest as a drying agent in order to bring dried goods to market faster (i.e.-wheat, dried peas and beans, mint and other dried herbs...)
Glyphosate is NOT the safe product that Monsanto still insists it is. It is not only linked to cancer, but is also associated with liver and kidney damage, autism, damage to the mitochondria, and GI disorders. Glyphosate is not only an herbicide, it is also patented as an antibiotic. As such, it is a powerful destroyer of our beneficial gut flora. Research in Europe showed that it only takes one tenth of one part per million (ppm) to kill the beneficial bacteria in our gut. In the U.S., the EPA allows 40 ppm on our soy (think soy sauce, soybean oil, non-organic tofu, soy lecithin, and all the soy in processed foods). Of course, the other GE crops (corn, sugar beets, canola, cotton, and alfalfa) are also drenched in glyphosate.  It's about time our government is testing for this, like they do for other pesticides!
Many cities throughout the U.S. are now banning glyphosate in public places. The state of NY has banned its use around schools. If you're interested is helping to start or join a grass-roots movement to ban it where you live, there are good resources available through Beyond Pesticides. (And on Moms Across America! Go to our "materials" page on our website!)
For more info on the testing of glyphosate on our food, check out this link:  "The federal agency already tests for residues of many agricultural chemicals on food. Now it will include the widely used weed killer linked to cancer." 
Wooooo hooooo!!! It's about time!!!   *:) happy - Carol Nagel

Although the FDA may not test as soon as we would like, and will probably find the levels of glyphosate in our food "acceptable" because they are within the EPA's "allowable levels", this is still a significant step.
The FDA's decision shows that grassroots efforts DO matter and every single person who speaks up makes a difference!
We want to say THANK YOU to all the dedicated groups and activists who called, wrote, posted and especially to those who sent in their tap water, urine and breast milk to be tested for glyphosate. Thank you to GMO Free USA and other groups who tested cereal, honey, soy sauce and bread for glyphosate. Without your participation this would not have happened.

Thank you!
Zen Honeycutt and MAA Team

Moms Across America
Moms Across America · Mission Viejo, CA, United States
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