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Thursday, November 19, 2015

How one state could take back Thanksgiving
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Michigan House Commerce Committee: allow vote on Thanksgiving Preservation Resolution NOW

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Because of a growing trend by SOME businesses, national retailers and their customers, Thanksgiving is becoming just another shopping day, disregarding the meaning of Thanksgiving and taking away many workers opportunities to celebrate our national holiday with their loved ones. 
On October 20, 2015 Resolution 172, the Thanksgiving Preservation Resolution, encouraging Michigan businesses, citizens and institutions to respect the purpose of Thanksgiving and support families desires to come together was placed on the house floor where it was immediately referred to Michigan's House Commerce Committee. 
Besides it's original sponsor, Representative Thomas Hooker, this resolution has 40 co-sponsors. But unless it is released by the Commerce Committee, it will not be placed on the house floor for a vote in a timely manner. 
Passing Resolution 172 would say something wonderful about our great state of Michigan. That we want to find that balance between the interests of commerce and the needs of families to connect and pass on their values and histories. 
We urge House Speaker Cotter and Commerce Committee Chair Graves to quickly place Resolution 172 back on the floor for a vote. 
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