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Saturday, November 21, 2015

1 Year Anniversary of Police Murder of 12 Year Old - Tamir Rice

Steven Yip -


Sunday November 22

2:00 pm Rally / 3:00 pm Childrens' March

Union Square Park, north side

November 22, 2015 marks the one-year anniversary of the murder of Tamir Rice, a twelve-year-old black youth in Cleveland, Ohio, gunned down by police. Soon, a grand jury will decide the fate of the officers who murdered Tamir Rice, and the wheels are being greased to let them walk free. This is a crossroads as to whether the routine murder, violence and terror against of our children will be acceptable in this society or not.

His killers-who haven't even been charged-are now being groomed to never set foot in court, as the district attorney on the case has produced reports by two "experts" to justify the murder because the police in question "believed that Rice posed a threat of serious harm or death."

But what about the threat the officer posed to Tamir's life? We've all seen the video: a 12-year-old kid plays in a Cleveland park by himself with a toy gun and throwing snowballs. Cops arrive on the scene after a 911 call was reported of a boy playing in a park with a weapon that was "probably fake," and within two seconds of arriving on the scene, the police shoot him twice in the chest.

When Tamir's 14-year-old sister arrives on the scene minutes later, the cops handcuff and arrest her, leaving her to watch her little brother bleed out from the backseat of a squad car. more at

On Sunday, November 22, the Stop Mass Incarceration Network is calling on you to join a historic Children's March, this time against the New Jim Crow and the slow genocide of police murder targeting our youth.

If our youth are not too young to be gunned down in the street by marauding police at twelve-years-old in Ohio-if they are not too young to be placed in handcuffs at six-years-old in Georgia-if they are not too young to be assaulted by police and dragged out of class in South Carolina-they are not too young to fight against the system that puts a target on their backs!



*During the Civil Rights Movement , a major turning point occurred with the Children's Crusade of 1963 , when thousands of schoolchildren walked out of school to engage in nonviolent direct action in the streets of Birmingham, Alabama.

For more info, visit:

929-249-7996 / @stopmassinc

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